Clothespin Doll Books

Because I love clothespin dolls AND books, I have managed to gather up a LOT of pamphlets and booklets about making clothespin dolls. They're all fun, and there's always something new to learn! This is where I post the random titles I've found and enjoy!

If you have any titles that you love that aren't listed here, I would love to hear about them! Please tell me any I've missed in the comments section! 

(Edit: A word about watermarks. I HATE watermarks on photos. But the last time I put up a bunch of book pictures, I found out someone was scamming people using my pictures and selling books they didn't actually have. I felt bad about that, so now I watermark pictures that could be used on eBay or Etsy. I do not sell either of those places, so if you see my pictures there, let me know and I'll rough up the folks stealing my photos!) 


 "Clothespin Dolls", Leisure Arts Leaflet #1015. 16 designs & complete instructions by Jann Johnson

Notes: None yet. I've only done one doll. But I do think the idea of felt coverings for the arms is intriguing. More dolls from this book to come, for sure!

Dolls I've made from this book (or parts of this book)

#35 - Bear in a Vest!


"Crochet Clothespin Ornament Dolls, designed by Carol Tessier. Annie's Attic, 1996.

Note: The doll pattern in this book calls for Spanish moss for hair, and have no arms (you crochet the sleeves and glue a wooden bead to the end to be hands). All of the dresses are made from size 10 crochet cotton, and the patters are clear and easy to follow. I love this book!

Dolls I've made from this book (or parts of this book)

#34 - Mrs. Beartha Baer Beartha has on lace "bloomers" under her dress, because I felt the skirt was too open to go without undies. Beartha's dress is from the "Alicia" pattern, without sleeves.


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