My Favorite Tutorials

Here are some of the places I found inspiration and tutorials! I hope they help you too! And if you have any questions, or just want to chat about clothespin dolls don't hesitate to email me at midnightinthedollhouss at gmail dot com.

O for Owl: Making Peg Dolls
O for Owl - My New Obsession: Making Peg Dolls. This is a fun little look at making peg dolls and lots of good tips that work for clothespins too.

This Heart of Mine: Clothespin Wrap Dolls Tutorial
This Heart of Mine: Clothespin Wrap Dolls - A super quick, super simple way of making super cute clothespin dolls using embroidery floss.

Instructables: Clothespin Dolls
Clothespin Dolls, by mdhaworth for Instructables. Another, slightly different approach to the clothespin dolls. No big heads, but they do have pipecleaner arms. Cute ideas on dressing your dolls too.

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