Friday, October 9, 2015

Picking Up The Clothespins.... Nearly a Year Later

I don't think "I fell behind" quite covers it.

But it doesn't matter. I guess they don't have to be 365 clothespins made over 365 days. Just that there will ultimately be 365 of them. :)

It's all Woofie's fault that I'm thinking about picking this up again.

 I found the poor fluffy puppy, forgotten, in a box. And how could you resist that face?

So I've dusted off the clothespin books. I dug out all my crafty stuff. And I'm ready to start this up again. Next is who... clothespin doll #48?

Okay... I'm ready.

Watch this space. :)

- Wendy


  1. You're back! I always love seeing a blog pop back up to life.

    Looking forward to doll #48. :)

    1. Aww, thank you so much! I wasn't even sure if anyone was still looking. So... what did I miss? Looks like YOU have kept busy. I love the merman in the wheelchair. *whispering to self* I will not get into Monster High. I will not get into Monster High. :)