Wednesday, November 12, 2014

032/365 - Ivy, a Christmas Elf

It's a little early for Christmas yet, I know. But Ivy (and her sister, Holly, who you'll meet tomorrow) just kind of happened.

So, this is Ivy.

#032 - Ivy Elf, reporting for duty, Mr. Claus!
I get the impression she has some kind of responsibility in the toy department at the North Pole.

Or something.

I don't speak Elvish, and she speaks FAST, even if I did.

Anyway, cousins of hers will be available for adoption from Norm's Dollhouse the day after Thanksgiving, just in case you need a little Elfy of your own.

And until then, there are other clothespin dolls at Norm's which you can find listed here -

Clothespin Dolls at Norm's Dollhouse!

Some have been on the blog. Some haven't.

Oh, and I made turkeys too. They're so cute, I did keep one for myself, but the other three are up for adoption on the Norm's site too -

Turkeys at Norm's Dollhouse!

All proceeds go to getting more clothespins and continuing this project. Only 333 more to go!! :)

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