Tuesday, November 11, 2014

031/365 - Sally & Three Sisters

I was trying for "Elegant Ballerina".

I GOT, 80's Aerobics Instructor.

Meet Sally.

#031 - Feel the burn!!! And one! And two!
So, yeah. No elegant ballerina yet, but Sally is pretty cute.

And now I have Olivia Newton John's "Physical" going through my head.

And I'm guessing that now, so do you. >:) 

I got such a positive response to Meghan yesterday, it was amazing. Who knew curly hair was going to be such a "thing"?

Anyway, several people asked about buying her, and if she does go up for sale it won't be until after December 1st. So, in the meantime, I have three sisters, similar to Meghan, who DO need homes -

I'll be honest, I think they're adorable. They're not going to be easy to let go of. But finally a clothespin doll I made came out EXACTLY like I wanted her to! Three of them, even!!!

Yaay me!

They'll be at Norm's Dollhouse if you suddenly feel you need a clothespin doll.

I'm not sure I'm up to customs yet, but if you have a hair and dress color request, I can do one of these ladies for you.


I'd give it a try anyway. :)

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