Monday, November 10, 2014

030/365 - Meghan & a Reindeer

Meghan is the first doll I've ever made with curly hair. It's a fun technique that I learned out of a clothespin doll book.

I love the curly hair. I'm going to have to do more dolls with curls, I think. Woodlees too!!

#030 - Brrr! The cold makes my curls go flat.
Can we go inside, please? 
I was going to photograph her earlier, but it started to snow and so I needed to whip her up a warm little shawl before I took her outside.

And then... a Reindeer wandered up to say "hi!"

Meghan meets a Reindeer!
This little fella is also the first ever clothespin reindeer I've ever made.

I know most people make these as kids, but it was just a craft I never tried.

I'm glad I discovered clothespins now. They are so fun!!!

Better late than never. :)

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