Friday, November 7, 2014

027/365 - Florence

Just Florence.

I apparently I'm on a family kick. First the Armstrongs and now, Florence and her family.

#027 - Yah, you betcha.
Florence is married to Ted, her best friend from college.

Their kids, Peg and Pip, aren't clothespins (maybe they're adopted?) but Ted and Florence love them anyway.

This is Florence with Peg:

Tomorrow you'll met Ted and Pip.

I'm also taking a box full of clothespin dolls from last month to Norm's Dollhouse today. To sell.

365 really is just too many clothespin dolls to have running around the house. They'll be bored here anyway. So, there's been some interest in buying them and I might just give it a try!

Wish me luck! And if you want a clothespin doll of your own, either stop by Norm's or check out their website in a day or so (clothespin dolls on the Norm's site - click here - Clothespin Dolls ).

I didn't mean this to become a commercial venture. I don't actually know if I can do it (bear to sell them, I mean). I guess we'll see.  :)

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