Tuesday, November 4, 2014

024/365 - Daphne Armstrong

Before the Clothespin Dolls, there were the Woodlees -Woodlee Junction.

And maybe THEY are the true beginning of this clothespin thing.

Oddly enough, I then retired the Woodlees and I really thought I was done with them. Until the clothespin dolls got me thinking about them again.

I love the clothespin people. But I missed the bendy nature of the Woodlees.

So the Clothes Pin folks lead me back to the Woodlees who had originally lead me to them.

Dun dun dun!

Anyway, today's dolly is little Daphne Armstrong. You met her brother, Robbie, yesterday.

#024 - HI! I saw a cat hiding treasure under this bush. Wanna help me look? 

And today, she's hanging out with Eve Woodlee and her friend Maggie. They're here to help me get this Woodlee Junction thing going again.

Clothespins and Woodlees - I think they play very nicely together.

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