Saturday, November 1, 2014

021/365 - Señora Sugar Skull

I asked my clothespin making group on Facebook for ideas for clothespin dolls for November.

Other than just Pilgrims and Indians, I mean.

One suggestion I got, which I thought was just brilliant, was a Sugar Skull person for the Day of the Dead.

So, please meet Señora Sugar Skull.

#021 - Hola!
Tomorrow you get to meet her husband.

Thank you for the brilliant idea, Julia! I am so lucky to get to play clothespins with other people. It makes it a lot more fun. :)


  1. Hi Wendy. Thank you for your sweet, warm reply. You've now got me (and my 18 year old daughter) hooked on your clothespin people. I've even gone so far as to set your October Clothespin group picture as my background. Who knew something so simple, and overlooked could be such a creative outlet? I'm glad to hear that Autumn is doing well. I looked up the Grandma doll. Very unusual, and appealing. I'm sure they're keeping life interesting. Happy clothespinning! =)

  2. It's me again. I forgot to ask earlier. What are the large heads on your clothespin people made out of? Are they special clothespins? Thanks in advance. =)

  3. Hey Raine! You betcha! I am so glad you and your daughter are enjoying my goofy little clothespin people! Aww, that means a lot that they are a worthy background. Thank you. :)

    It's amazing to me that everyone in the whole world isn't making these! They are SO FUN! I hope you'll give them a try! The large head thingies are Dowel Caps. I get my supplies from but your local hobby store should have the things you need. I use the round clothespins, 1" doll pin stands, and 1-1/4" Wood Rod End Caps (with a 5/8" hole).

    This is one of the first tutorials I learned from - So if you decide to delve into clothespin dolls, that is a pretty good start. :)

    I hope the helped! If you make some dollies, I hope you'll let me know! You can email me at wendy at normsdollhouse dot com if you have any questions, or want to share pictures or anything! Good luck!

    And I'll have to get a picture of Autumn and her Ahma (Grandma Sunday). They're pretty sweet together. :) Hope you're having a great November so far! Thank you (again) for stopping by and reading my silly clothespin blog! You're awesome! :)