Sunday, October 26, 2014

015/365 - Just a Girl, May

Another kind of busy day yields a kind of simple clothespin doll.

#014 - It's my day!
I didn't even look up a different tutorial. She's from the same one April is made from - Clothespin Wrap Dolls - this heart of mine.

It only day 15 and I'm starting to feel a little pressured with this. Which is just not going to work. I know me, and by the time I get to day 115 I'll be done with feeling pressured and my project won't ever be completed.

So, hopefully you guys don't mind that they're not ALL going to be fancy and elaborate clothespins. They can't be.

They're all just what they are. And they're all exactly what they need to be.

Sort of like people.



  1. I love your clothespin dolls! Perhaps if you get worn out, you could post dolls others have made.

    1. Hey Neen! I would LOVE if other people wanted to post dolls here too! Just send me pictures and I'll post them! There's also the Facebook page - where people can post their dolls, or if you want to talk shop, there's a clothespin doll group there too -

      Also, a friend of mine just gave me a gift certificate to Ebay (yaay!!!) so I picked up some awesome Clothespin Doll making books. Some very different ones that I've tried so far. So, I probably won't run out of ideas, or get tired of doing them. It's more a matter of making time specifically for crafting every. single. day.

      It's a good thing. I'm happier when I'm making stuff (which is a part of how all this started). But sometimes, all I have time for is a simple little girl like May.

      But if other people want to contribute (like YOU? :) ) that would be AMAZING!!!! Just let me know!