Friday, October 24, 2014

013/365 - Just a Girl, April

Over the 365 days of this project, there will be times that I don't have a whole lot of time to devote to clothespin doll making.

They won't all be as elaborate as some of my previous dollies.

Like April.

#013 - What do you mean there was just a vampire here?
April is made from this tutorial - Clothespin Wrap Dolls - this heart of mine. She's not super elaborate, or fancy. And she took almost no time to make. But that's what allowed me to keep up my "one doll a day" thing. I wouldn't have had time for a plant or a monster today.

And I think she's still super cute.

Clothespin dolls can be all kinds of things, from super fancy to super NOT fancy. But no matter what, they're all adorable. :)


  1. Hello. I am loving your clothespin dolls. They have so much character. I think the plants and the Pumpkinheads are my favorites, but they are all sweet and cheerful. I read about your new doll, Autumn on the Ravelry Gotz doll group. I was touched by her story. How are you enjoying her? I used to read your Miranda Wandering blog some (as work/sleep allowed--I work 3rd shift ugh). I enjoy your creativity and warmth. I look forward to a year of clothespin dollies. Who knows, I may carve out a small niche in all my junk and make a few myself. Have fun! =)

    1. Hi Raine! Aww, thank you so much! I never know what they're going to turn out to be when I start. The plants were sort of an accident. They all were, actually. But I do love them all. It means a lot to know you like them too! Thank you for telling me that!

      Autumn is good! I fought the urge to make her HER own blog. I have too many blogs as it is. I'm like a blog starting addict. But she's hanging out, being cute. I have a vinyl grandmother doll, Grandma Sunday from Gingerbrook Hollow, who is her companion. I'll have to take more pictures. I feel so lucky to have her, and the way she came to me is just so magical. I love her. :)

      You should DEFINITELY make clothespin dolls! If you Facebook, you're welcome to share them on the 365 Clothespins page there - or there's a clothespin doll making group there too -

      I am DETERMINED to do this. 365 clothespin dolls and in ONE year. I'm not normally good with 365 projects either, but I am really, really determined. And seriously, they're clothespins. I got this. :)

      Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. It means a lot. :)