Sunday, October 19, 2014

008/365 - The Google-Eye-Vee (And Bat Family Bonus!)

I seriously cannot make vicious looking plants. I tried. Again. And this is what happened.

#008 - I hope that, on the issue of man-eating plants,
 we will be able to see eye, to eye, to eye, to eye, to eye...
This little plant is many things. Vicious is not one of them.

But maybe man-eating plants are overrated anyway. I'd rather have that little face in my house than someone who wanted to bite me, I guess.

Extra today - Peg Doll Bat Family!

My friend Barb from Canada found this super cute tutorial - Little Batty Tutorial and so I was playing around with it last night.

So this is my little, myopic bat family.

I try not to have favorites. I really do. But that baby!

Baby Bat!!!

So they don't count towards the "clothespin doll a day" project (my project, my rules), but I wanted to share them anyway.

Peg dolls are fun. I need to make some more of those. Maybe an owl family next? Hmm...

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