Saturday, October 18, 2014

007/365 - Pinhilda the Witch

So, this is Pinhilda.

007 - Don't MAKE me get my flying monkeys.
And her photo marks one whole week of this project! Yaay clothespins! Yaay Pinhilda!

Only 358 clothespins to go!

I'm not out of inspiration quite yet, but just in case, I did find this awesome website with some killer clothespin doll books! Check it out -

Cool, huh? I'm particularly interested in their Clothespin Kachina book -

 Don't they look amazing? Their book prices are super reasonable too. If you order from them, please add $3.00 to your total for shipping (they haven't added that to their site yet).

Also, you could send them a picture of your handmade clothespin dolls to help with their 100,000 Clothespin People Project! They're putting up pictures of 100,000 clothespin dolls to represent the approximately 100,000 people passed through U.S. Health Inspection at the Columbia River Port of Entry between 1899-1938.

So, if you needed some inspiration to make some clothespin dolls, there ya go! They've only got 1000 some pictures so far, so they need more pictures of handmade clothespin dolls! Go make some clothespin dolls and help out! :)

And let me know if you order any of their books. I'll let you know when I do, for sure!


  1. Congratulations! You have made some really cute clothespin dolls this week! I love the kachina book!

    1. Thanks, Tracy! I'm very pleased with how this first week has gone! I do wonder how long before people are sick of looking at clothespins, but I worry about stupid things like that. And I am dying to get my hands on that Kachina book. Next pay day! YAAY! :P)