Tuesday, October 14, 2014

003/365 - Frankenpin

First up in our "Famous Monsters of Pinland" series Frankenpin! Pininstein?

Dunno. Either way, he's pretty cute.

#003 - Flower?
I love old horror movies, and I think I need to do a few more of the "traditional" Halloween monsters. So, you never know who could show up here. :)

(I can't believe I thought I wanted to start this AFTER Halloween. Halloween clothespin dolls are so fun!!!)


  1. Too freaking cute! Will there be a bride of Frankenpin?

    1. Thanks, Hitty Caroline! I believe there may be a Bride of Frankenpin someday. But we'll see. My original attempt at a bride for him failed in a pretty adorable, yet creepy, kind of way. So I'll have to try again. We have the technology! We have the pins! We can do this! :)