Friday, October 31, 2014

020/365 - Little Bitey Girl & October Wrap-Up!

Last little clothespin for October!

#020 - Candy! Om nom nom nom.
Honestly, I would just give her the candy.

Three little ladies, ready for trick or treating! -

What a wild trip this has been already. I'm only 20 dolls into my 365 goal, but it's been so much FUN! I have learned so much about making clothespin dolls. I had no idea there were so many variations and possibilities with these guys. With just a clothespin!

Anyway, many more clothespin dolls to come. For now, here are all of the dolls from the month of October, 2014.

20 dolls down, only 345 more to go!! :)

Have a Happy Halloween! :-)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

019/365 - Little Lady Loves Halloween #2

Here's another little lady, anxious for trick or treating.

#019 - Trick or Treat! Who are we fooling? Just give me the candy.

I don't think they're thinking they're going trick or treating just yet.

I think they're waiting on a friend, who should be showing up tomorrow. :)

See you then!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

018/365 - Purple Pin-Widow Spider & Fritz

It's Halloween week, so these clothespin dolls over the next few days will be the last of the spooky pins for a while.


For some of us, it's Halloween every day. :)

Anyway, today's picture is of the rare, reclusive Purple Pin-Widow.

#018 - Hello, dahling. Care for a bite?
I don't think she looks particularly deadly.

Maybe deadly cute.

And this is her little friend, Fritz.

Fritz kind of just happened while I was working on the Pin-Widow.

I really like Fritz. I'm going to have to see if he needs cousins, or what other little bugs lend themselves to this kind of construction.

I'll let you know. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

017/365 - Just a Girl, June

This is the last of the pins made from this tutorial for a while.

This is June

#017 - You should meet my cousin, Summer.

And this is June with her two sisters, April and May.

 And I do love that tutorial a lot! The dolls are quick and easy and CUTE!

But... well, two of my friends chipped in and got me a gift certificate to Ebay. (I didn't even know Ebay DID gift certificates, so I was doubly surprised). And so I ordered books. A bunch of clothespin doll books. Like this one.

Tigers and Lions and Unicorns, oh my!!!
I was a little concerned I might run out of ideas for clothespin dolls before the 365 days were up. But I need not have worried. There are a MILLION different kinds of clothespin dolls. Like these, which are in another book that should be on its way!

Clothespin Dolls AND cross stitch? Sign me up!!!

Aren't they cute?

So, I have a truckload of books coming because of two awesome friends in Canada. (Thank you both. You know who you are.)

And I probably shouldn't worry too much about having enough ideas to get through this project.

A challenge of 365 Clothespin dolls can only be accomplished one clothespin at a time. :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

016/365 - The Wolf-pin

"Even a (pin) who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms, and the Autumn moon is bright."

The last in our Famous Monsters of Pinland series - the Wolf-Pin. Though I think Wolfie may be more concerned with stealing your bacon and eggs than taking a life.

#016 - Did someone say bacon?
I learn something new about doing these with every single one I make. Fur was a new one for me, but it's really fun.

I gotta come up with more clothespin people with fur. Maybe an animal series? Hmm.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

015/365 - Just a Girl, May

Another kind of busy day yields a kind of simple clothespin doll.

#014 - It's my day!
I didn't even look up a different tutorial. She's from the same one April is made from - Clothespin Wrap Dolls - this heart of mine.

It only day 15 and I'm starting to feel a little pressured with this. Which is just not going to work. I know me, and by the time I get to day 115 I'll be done with feeling pressured and my project won't ever be completed.

So, hopefully you guys don't mind that they're not ALL going to be fancy and elaborate clothespins. They can't be.

They're all just what they are. And they're all exactly what they need to be.

Sort of like people.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

014/365 - Little Lady Loves Halloween #1

From her spooky skirt to her ghostly lolly pop, you can tell.

#014 - Mmm, ghost flavored!
This little lady loves Halloween.

Friday, October 24, 2014

013/365 - Just a Girl, April

Over the 365 days of this project, there will be times that I don't have a whole lot of time to devote to clothespin doll making.

They won't all be as elaborate as some of my previous dollies.

Like April.

#013 - What do you mean there was just a vampire here?
April is made from this tutorial - Clothespin Wrap Dolls - this heart of mine. She's not super elaborate, or fancy. And she took almost no time to make. But that's what allowed me to keep up my "one doll a day" thing. I wouldn't have had time for a plant or a monster today.

And I think she's still super cute.

Clothespin dolls can be all kinds of things, from super fancy to super NOT fancy. But no matter what, they're all adorable. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

012/365 - Count Pin-ula

Our next "Famous Monster of Pinland" celebrity - Count Pinula!!!

"I vant to drink your... sap?"

I dunno what clothespin vampires drink, I guess.

#012 - Blaaah! Blaaah!
Whatever it is, though, I'll bet it's cute. Just like Count Pin-ula.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

011/365 - Mr. O'Lantern

You may remember Mrs. O'Lantern wondering where her husband was - 005/365 - Mrs. O'Lantern.

I had to put the patches on his overalls, but here he is!

#011 - Howdy!

I think they're a very sweet couple. And she seems very happy to have him around.

The happy couple - Mr. And Mrs. O'Lantern, wishing you a very happy Autumn!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

010/365 - Little Blue Doll-Pin

Doll-pin? Mer-pin? Pin-maid?


#010 - The D shells were too big, and B shells were too small.
Her scales didn't come out quite like I wanted, but I learned a lot from trying them. Those are, in fact, little tiny sea shells for her bikini top. For the most part, I'm very pleased with her, and I think there will be more mer-pins in the future. Perhaps a whole school of doll-pins!

Monday, October 20, 2014

009/365 - Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun

#009 -When the haunting day is done...
 I think she is the creepiest clothespin doll I've made to date.

She's also really hard to photograph. Like most ghosts are, I guess.

But I think she's cute anyway. And as hauntings go, I'd rather be haunted by a little gray clothespin lady. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

008/365 - The Google-Eye-Vee (And Bat Family Bonus!)

I seriously cannot make vicious looking plants. I tried. Again. And this is what happened.

#008 - I hope that, on the issue of man-eating plants,
 we will be able to see eye, to eye, to eye, to eye, to eye...
This little plant is many things. Vicious is not one of them.

But maybe man-eating plants are overrated anyway. I'd rather have that little face in my house than someone who wanted to bite me, I guess.

Extra today - Peg Doll Bat Family!

My friend Barb from Canada found this super cute tutorial - Little Batty Tutorial and so I was playing around with it last night.

So this is my little, myopic bat family.

I try not to have favorites. I really do. But that baby!

Baby Bat!!!

So they don't count towards the "clothespin doll a day" project (my project, my rules), but I wanted to share them anyway.

Peg dolls are fun. I need to make some more of those. Maybe an owl family next? Hmm...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

007/365 - Pinhilda the Witch

So, this is Pinhilda.

007 - Don't MAKE me get my flying monkeys.
And her photo marks one whole week of this project! Yaay clothespins! Yaay Pinhilda!

Only 358 clothespins to go!

I'm not out of inspiration quite yet, but just in case, I did find this awesome website with some killer clothespin doll books! Check it out -

Cool, huh? I'm particularly interested in their Clothespin Kachina book -

 Don't they look amazing? Their book prices are super reasonable too. If you order from them, please add $3.00 to your total for shipping (they haven't added that to their site yet).

Also, you could send them a picture of your handmade clothespin dolls to help with their 100,000 Clothespin People Project! They're putting up pictures of 100,000 clothespin dolls to represent the approximately 100,000 people passed through U.S. Health Inspection at the Columbia River Port of Entry between 1899-1938.

So, if you needed some inspiration to make some clothespin dolls, there ya go! They've only got 1000 some pictures so far, so they need more pictures of handmade clothespin dolls! Go make some clothespin dolls and help out! :)

And let me know if you order any of their books. I'll let you know when I do, for sure!

Friday, October 17, 2014

006/365 - Little Sundress Bear

I forgot to photograph her this morning.


Day 6 and I'm already forgetting to update. Not an auspicious sign, but we'll see how it goes.

#006 - You can call me "Bear Lady", but don't call me late for blogging!
Anyway, she's a little brown bear in a sundress. It's a lot more pink than it shows in the picture, but that's what I get for photographing after dark.

Double d'oh!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

005/365 - Mrs. O'Lantern

This is Mrs. O'Lantern.

#005 - Where's that husband of mine?

I think she's looking impatient because she knows I'm working on MR. O'Lantern, and she's ready to have him finished.

They're going to be a cute couple. But you'll have to wait a few more days to see him. :)

Also, bonus picture! I've formed a clothespin doll group on Facebook - Clothespin Dolls Everywhere! so we who are enchanted with these simple little dolls can talk about materials, trade tutorials, show off dollies, etc. The group needed a banner. Tah-dah!


If you're on Facebook, and you want to play clothespin dolls with us, please think about joining the group! And if you're not on Facebook, well, there'll be plenty of cute clothespin doll pictures here.

365 of them eventually. Just keep watching! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

004/365 - WeePinWillow

I am rapidly discovering that these clothespin dolls are not only addictive as heck, they are also quite willful.

They come out being whatever they want. No matter what I originally intended.

For instance, I was trying to make an evil looking, Halloween appropriate, man eating plant.

I got this:

#004 - You can call me Willow.

 This is Willow. Wee-Pin-Willow.

And she's just about the sweetest thing I've seen.


Well, back to the drawing board (pinning board?)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

003/365 - Frankenpin

First up in our "Famous Monsters of Pinland" series Frankenpin! Pininstein?

Dunno. Either way, he's pretty cute.

#003 - Flower?
I love old horror movies, and I think I need to do a few more of the "traditional" Halloween monsters. So, you never know who could show up here. :)

(I can't believe I thought I wanted to start this AFTER Halloween. Halloween clothespin dolls are so fun!!!)

Monday, October 13, 2014

002/365 - Little Panda Clothespin

Day two. Today's clothes pin is a shy little panda pin.

#002 - Is that bamboo?
I have learned an important thing while working on these clothes pins: I don't know how to paint. So this is going to be a learning opportunity for sure.

And they're so much fun. I recommend making clothespin dolls to everyone! And if you do, let me know about them! I would love to see them! I think the world might be a little better place if everyone took a little bit of time to make a clothepin doll. Not kidding. I totally think that.

Try it. Maybe you'll think so too. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

001/365 - Little Zombie Clothespin

There was no way I was going to make it, waiting 'til the 1st of November to start this project.

I would've missed the opportunity to start out with adorable, spooky, Halloween little clothespins!

So, here we go! 

#001 - Braaaaaains

Clothespin Doll #1 - Little Zombie Clothespin

He makes me laugh every time I look at him. And I have a feeling there may be more zombies in the future. We'll see! I can't wait to see where this goes! But I feel like this was a good start. Mmmm.... brains....

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Make a What a When? Why?

I've been fascinated by clothespin dolls for a while.

They're simple. They're cheap. But there is so much potential for creativity in them. I found myself really smitten with the whole idea of them.

Then, I stumbled across this blog - ...

and it was obvious what was going to happen next:

Step 1:
Acquire clothespins.

Step 2:
Make clothespin doll.

Step 3:
Post a picture of it here.

Step 4:
Repeat steps 2 through 3, 364 more times

I'm almost ready. And I'm going to begin on November 1st.

We'll just have to see how it goes.

Wish me luck. For all my enthusiasm, a little luck couldn't hurt. :)

- W